The O’Tooles hate The Dirty Half Dozen.

The Dirty Half Dozen hate the O’Tooles.

Fueled by wildly misguided revenge, the Dirty Half Dozen rob the bank of their mortal enemy One-Eyed-Addie O’Toole, to avenge their mother’s death and retrieve her stolen fortune.

The bank robbery only stokes the fires of hatred between the two families.

The Dirty Half Dozen are six outlaw siblings of different ethnicities (Japanese, East Indian, Irish, Jamaican, Hungarian, Native American), due to their mother’s fear of commitment and diverse sexual tastes.

Wildcat Ellie, the youngest and only sister, can do everything her five older brothers can do; shoot, spit, ride, play poker, rob banks…everything, that is, but the one thing they won’t let her do…

Every time she attempts to lasso a cowboy her five over-protective brothers beat the hell out of the poor guy before he has a chance to touch her.

Shortly after the bank robbery, Ellie escapes her brothers long enough to find herself a cowboy. Heels overhead, Ellie falls head over heels in love.

She also gets knocked up.

What neither of the star-struck lovers know that night, is the true identity of the other. Ellie’s cowboy of choice is Kanin O’Toole, son of One-Eyed-Addie O’Toole.

By the time Ellie realizes the error of her ways, her bastard brothers have fixated on making her baby honorable by finding its daddy. Ellie must do everything in her power to keep her brothers far from their goal!

This does not prove to be an easy task, as bounty hunter Kanin O’Toole’s one goal in life is to hunt down The Dirty Half Dozen and shoot them dead for killing his own daddy. Like The Dirty Half Dozen, the facts that motivate him are far from accurate.

This is how one night of carnal bliss leads to the unraveling of years of carefully planned, though dreadfully misguided revenge strategies for both families and a most unexpected ending for all!

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The Dirty Half Dozen